Learning Agreement Bachelorarbeit Vorlage

Learning Agreement Bachelorarbeit Vorlage

On request, the conseil d`étude de médecine issues certificates of equivalence for studies carried out abroad. If you can`t directly access an article through Google Scholar, you`ll usually have access to other research tools through your university`s library site. These include the following databases: Often, the nature of the question already gives indications of the research method that can be used for your bachelor`s thesis (see step 4). For example, if you are wondering about differences and similarities (for example. B of political systems), a comparative study is required. If you want to measure a certain effect (for example. B online courses on exam results), a survey would be useful. You can consider a text as a useful source if: The language requirements of the host school are decisive (see letter of appointment). Unless otherwise specified, at least level B2 for English and at least level B1 for other languages should be ticked. Native speakers please co-ord “Native Speaker”. With a fiery and well-formulated introduction, you will make the curious proofreader of your work.

You can do this by recruiting your question in a current context and displaying your motivation to answer it. Do not forget that from the structure and content of the introduction, the proofreader concludes to the quality of all the work. Often, he even already engages in a trend to the note. The recognition of studies from abroad for students of human medicine is the responsibility of the Landesprüfungsamt. If the event data does not fully match or if you do not find your course in the list, this does not mean that the course is not automatically recognized, you just need to make a complete application so that we can verify all the information. In this case, please check the content of your event. You will find an overview of the possibilities of imputation in the list of chairs. Then fill out page 1 and page 2 of the application form “t3://file?uid=207523Learning Agreement” digitally and completely, do not print or scan it. If you do not receive all the information in advance, please follow the instructions in the FAQs and in the form itself.. .


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