Wlufa Agreement

Wlufa Agreement

In the absence of agreement on an independent presidency, the committee is composed of three representatives of the university and three representatives of the association, the committee being co-chaired by one (1) representing the association and one (1) representative of the university. No member of the redundancy committee is part of the unit or university sub-unit involved in the proposed dismissal and no member of the committee must have participated in the development of the university`s proposal in accordance with point 23.4. A member over 55 with a combination of age and years of service up to age to age may opt for a phased retirement option. This option provides for a reduction in the section 20 charge, plus an increase in the actual content of the member. The phased retirement period is three years before the member leaves. After using this option, the member agrees to retire on the date set out under the retirement contract. The latest date a member can sign up for the “step-by-step” option is June 30, following the member`s 71st birthday. Retired members continue to participate in the university`s performance plans, subject to 28.6.7. 3. The parties agree that library managers, because of their interest grouping, will be associated with the bargaining unit. The parties agree that the previous agreement does not affect the right of respondent Wilfrid Laurier University to apply at any time to the Labour Relations Board of Ontario, or 106 (2), to decide whether to exclude certain individuals on the basis of management.

13.7.4 The terms of the joint appointment are signed in writing by both members and the Vice-President: Academic. Within 5 days of signing, the Vice-President: Academic sends a copy of the agreement to the association. 36.2.2 The university does not enter into an agreement with a third party that amends or covers a member`s intellectual property rights without the member`s written consent, or who has the modification or transition. 36.2.3 In recognition of the university`s commitment to the scholarship, including teaching, research and publication activities: real salary: is the salary that a member receives on a reduced-expense order and is a negotiated share of the reference salary. Agreement: is this collective agreement that has been negotiated and ratified between the university and the association. The parties also recognize that this placement is made in a manner that is not contrary to the intellectual property of full-time faculty members, pursuant to section 36 of the full-time collective agreement and CAS members, in accordance with section 20 of the part-time collective agreement. In carrying out their obligation to research and scientific activities of members under 18.1 and, members appointed on an interim basis have once, during the period of provisional appointment, a period of learning without assignment of teaching functions. The unassigned planning of teaching tasks is subject to the agreement of the member, the head of department or an equivalent semester and the dean.

If there is no agreement, the dean gives up the deadline without a course. The teaching burden of the member for the academic year in which the free term will be taken will be half the normal teaching burden of the academic sub-unit or equivalent teaching.

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