Ticket Sales Agreement

Ticket Sales Agreement

c) The organiser or transport service provider is responsible for the availability and duration of the refund. Share-There will not be liable to Users for cancelled tickets, events, transportation services, funds or failure to issue refunds. Notwithstanding any other provision, Share-There will not be considered a representative of a user, organizer or transport company. All disputes between users, event organisers and/or transport companies must be resolved directly between these users, event organisers or transport companies. Share-There assumes no liability of any kind arising from disputes between users, event organizers and/or transport companies. Without limiting the foregoing, Share-There has no responsibility or obligation to arbitrate or resolve any such dispute. Share-There is not responsible for the content posted or displayed by our registered users, event organizers, transportation companies, customers or you on any page of the Share-There website. This information does not represent the views or opinions of our company. Share-There cannot be held responsible for any agreements, contracts, broken promises or communications between you and a third party.

Share-There is not responsible for any illegal or illegal material – including defamatory or copyrighted material – posted by any user, business customer, customer or buyer in our system on an event page. j. Customer hereby warrants that Customer has the right to enter into this Agreement and that this will not result in a breach of any other agreement to which Customer is a party. Users of any of the Share-There services confirm that all information provided to us is complete and accurate. Share-There uses Stripe to validate the billing information you provide to us; However, if we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your tickets or prohibit you from using this website. HBO will design and provide websites specifically tailored to each client`s event in order to sell tickets only for that event. HBO will charge the customer thirty cents ($0.30) per ticket for printed tickets to events that display the face value of $0 on the ticket to be used as free tickets. 13. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes any other agreement or understanding relating to this Agreement that may have existed between the parties.

HBO may charge a Customer additional fees for shipping printed tickets to Customer through the United States Postal Service or other document delivery service. b. Except for the express representations and warranties set forth above, HBO makes no warranties, conditions and representations and expressly disclaims all coverages, except for the warranties, conditions and representations expressly made in this Agreement, whether oral or written, express or implied, or by commercial or historical business use. The remedies set forth herein are the Customer`s sole and exclusive remedies. c. HBO provides the staff necessary to operate a local telephone call center that takes calls and provides event information to the public, sells tickets during reserved business hours, is available when a participant is unable to answer a call to answer messages in a timely manner, and provides potential problem resolution, resulting from the sale of tickets. a. “Event” means a gathering of people at a specific location at a specific time for entertainment or other purposes.

Events covered by this Agreement will be specified in separate event sales addenda. The transportation event or service must be accurately and truthfully described when you submit the entry for the transportation event or service to Share-There in order to be displayed on the site. If, in our sole discretion, we determine and determine that you have made a false statement of the event or transportation service, we will cancel the sale of tickets. If we determine that you repeatedly engage in the conduct described in this paragraph, your account will be terminated and any other transportation events or services you submit will be cancelled in accordance with this Agreement, and Share-There reserves the right to take further action or take additional corrective action to the extent permitted by law. f. HBO will provide Customer with physical tickets and/or the ability to print physical tickets themselves containing a unique identifier that can be read electronically by the scanning equipment provided by HBO at each event. c. HBO will charge Customer the following fees in addition to the ticket price published for each ticket sold by HBO. AND CONSIDERING that the customer wants help to sell tickets and manage a ticket office for his events. g.

HBO provides the Customer with scanning devices that can be used at any event and has the ability to read the unique identifier and interface of each ticket with the HBO system. Your name, contact details and purchase information will be provided to the organiser of the event or transport service for which you have purchased tickets. For more information, please read the Website Privacy Policy carefully You must use reasonable efforts to create, produce and distribute marketing and promotional materials and/or create marketing and promotional campaigns stating that tickets for your event or transportation service will be offered for sale on the Share There Website. If you breach any of the terms and conditions contained herein, Share-There reserves the right to terminate your account, exclude you from using the Share-There Services, cancel ticket orders, and take appropriate legal action. HBO will provide Customer with access to a comprehensive web-based reporting system that provides detailed reports on all ticket sales data for all Customer events. or printed reports on request of the requested ticket sales dates for the customer`s event. m. Customer reserves the right to set ticket prices at no charge for HBO Services. We provide the ticketing software used to manage ticket sales and admissions to the events and ferry services listed on this website.

We are not responsible for the safety, production, experience or cancellation of ferry connections or events on our system. Share-There is not responsible for these limitations, and we are not able to circumvent them in any way. Any actual attempt or circumvention of these limits by another user or customer will result in the termination of any further use of the Share-There Services and the cancellation of all tickets purchased. Share-There is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any actual attempt or circumvention of these limits. h. HBO may, at Customer`s request, provide all or part of the personnel necessary for the sale and processing of tickets at Customer`s events. a) You are responsible for all taxes or other government charges related to your event/transportation service or ticket sales through the Service (and you will indemnify and hold Share-There harmless from any liability). .

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