Agreement In Share Market

Agreement In Share Market

Amendments or additions to this Agreement may be made or compliance with any provision, agreement, agreement, condition or provision set forth therein may be omitted or cancelled solely in accordance with the provisions of the Investor Rights Agreement, the Shareholders` Agreement or the Trading of Shares, as the case may be. 6. You understand that all orders you have entered electronically are based on your investment decisions and are unsolicited and at your sole responsibility and that you do not hold the Broker or any of its senior officers, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries or associated companies liable or hold liable for any business losses or other losses you incur. You understand that entering an order with the broker, including market orders, does not guarantee the execution of the order (e.g.B. Technical failure, inconsistent booking(s) and you agree that the broker is not responsible for orders that are not executed. They understand that the broker has the right to break any executed trade on the grounds that, according to the broker, it was “clearly false”. It is not assumed that the broker has received an order that you have submitted electronically until we become aware of that order. If you make a cancellation request, the cancellation of this order is not guaranteed. Your order will only be cancelled if your request has been received on the marketplace and is cross-checked with your order before your order is executed. During market hours, it is rarely possible to cancel your market orders, as market orders are subject to immediate execution (the cancellation of orders cannot take place during the pre-opening from 9:00 am to 9:30 am). Do not assume that an order has been executed or cancelled until you have received a transaction confirmation from the broker via email or through the website. Note that the broker receives late reports from the Exchange from time to time that declare the status of the trades. As a result, you may be subject to late reports regarding orders that have not been previously declared to you or that have been declared to you as expired, cancelled or executed.

In addition, any declaration or booking errors, including errors in execution prices, are corrected to reflect what actually happened in the market. An option contract is an agreement between two parties to allow a potential transaction on the underlying security at a predefined price, the so-called exercise price, before the expiry date. Buyers of put options speculate on the decline in the price of the underlying share or underlying index and have the right to sell shares at the exercise price of the contract. If the share price falls below the exercise price before expiration, the buyer can either allocate shares to the purchase to the seller at the exercise price or sell the contract if no shares are held in the portfolio. In general, call options can be acquired as a voided bet on the appreciation of a stock or index, while put options are bought to benefit from price reductions. The buyer of a call option has the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the number of shares covered by the contract at the exercise price. . .


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