Total control of your information
Anything • Anywhere • Always

Humanized Trust

Bringing the human face of trust and privacy to the connected world, take true control of your information. Secure without stress, private with no prejudice. Balance personal, enterprise, and legal demands. Astoundingly easy to use.

Everyone, Everything

Simple. Powerful. Lightweight. Mobile. Enterprise. A Swiss-Army knife for awesomely flexible and trustable, confidence-building information management. For information users from beginner to expert, individual to enterprise.

All in one place

Seamlessly brings all your Cloud information together. Access access only for you – guaranteed. Never lose your information, never lose control. Secure your information by default, Get it all in one place.


Share confidential information – no passwords, no worries about lost or stolen mobile devices, no security pains, as friendly to personal as to enterprise and institutional demands. All the upsides of BYOD, none of the pain.


Great for individuals, or for heavyweight enterprise uses. Putting all the power over your information into your hands.


Documents, photos, notes, messages, mail, media, and more… if it’s digital, We’re there.


Information owners face real challenges in securing and organizing their information. The explosion of networks and cloud based systems has created a maze of interfaces and half-protected data. Nothing is inherently trustable. Then there are legal restrictions and demands …


Balancing personal and federal demands on information protection is not easy. How do you keep information secure across many platforms, yet still keep personal control of your information? Achieving acceptable and usable privacy and control in this digital world is hard. Ensuring that users at any level have meaningful control, security, and accessibility is hard.


Offer privacy and trust – by default. Ensure resilience and persistence – by default.


And to sweeten the deal – add distributed, decentralized control, and silent, permanently revocable access. All with a lightweight footprint.


Allow for the ability to use untrusted and reputationally-unknown places to trustably keep and manage information. Ensure independence of service provider and information location. Your information is yours, controlled by you. No compromising of integrity … put privacy and control back where it belongs – with you, the information owner. Now.


“For the tech company that can develop the right software that balances personal and federal protection, the possibilities for cornering the market are endless. This company could even be the next billion-dollar competitor in the space.

Right now, there’s a vacuum in the [smartphone] industry for the right tech company to address this problem. And whoever does will likely be crowned the new king in this space, even without manufacturing a single phone.’


Ben Benoy
BioTech Intel Trader


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TRSTBL’s Founders

Paul’s passion for privacy in the connected world gave rise to the TRSTBL tech collection – bringing genuine trust, control, confidentiality, and resilience to your information. Anywhere. Anytime, Always.


Keith’s your (and our) “go-to” for actually building those castles in the clouds. Architectural genius from concept to completion.


Our founding team brings over 5 decades of rule-breaking experience, and now we’re humanizing the connected world with TRSTBL. Privacy-enhancing, trust-enabling, resilient, and novel, scaling from enterprise all the way through to IoT and individual uses.


Changing the game. TRSTBL.


Introducing DOKKYO for individuals, groups, and enterprise


Dokkyo is a fingertip solution for everyday users – from individuals, small groups, through to enterprise and institutional users who must guarantee confidential treatment of private information, and resistance to loss or theft this information.


Informal or unauthorized use of mobile devices in healthcare, financial, legal and many more domains presents enormous problems with leakage or theft of confidential information. Sometimes encryption is just not enough.


Dokkyo is built on TRSTBL, and brings high levels of privacy and inherent security – disarmingly simply. Unbusy your information management. Be where you need to be. Rest easy with Dokkyo.