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Control • Context • Custody


Control is a cornerstone of security, integrity, and privacy. Privacy and value protection with no stress or prejudice. Balance personal, enterprise, and legal demands.


With no context or any way to know context, the meaning and value of information disappears. Ensure context removal for your information with TRSTBL.


Holders of information tend to have a degree of effective ‘ownership’ and control. Shift the balance in your favour with TRSTBL, ensuring custody is just a zero-knowledge service.



Share information without the hassle of key management, without worrying about lost/stolen devices, no security pains. No duplication – yet loss-tolerant. BYOD without effort or worry.

Lost access to some of your information? No problem. With TRSTBL, know that it’s useless to anyone else. Walk away without a second thought. TRSTBL ensures you’ll get it all back effortlessly.

[<br><br>]Taking information access and zero-overhead information security absolutely everywhere … legacy, on-premise, enterprise, IoT, personal, mobile … and more. Put real power over your information in your hands. Documents, photos, notes, messages, mail, media. Everything … if it’s digital, it’s cool.

[<br><br>]Use TRSTBL in the Cloud via our Web API, spin up an instance internally, embed TRSTBL in your systems, your IoTs, your mobile devices.


Securing and keeping information private. Your information is everywhere, your control limited at best. Nothing is inherently trustworthy. Not forgetting GDPR, HIPAA and a galaxy of other legal requirements. How to keep your information secure anywhere while keeping true control? Achieving real privacy and control is hard. Guaranteeing control, security, and accessibility is very, very hard.


A new kind of digital privacy and trust by default. Real resilience and persistence by default. Sweetening the deal are distributed and decentralized control with unmatched inherent control and a lightweight footprint. Use untrusted and reputationally-unknown places to store and manage information. Independence of service provider and location. Always yours. Always controlled by you. No compromise.


“For the tech company that can develop the right software that balances personal and federal protection, the possibilities for cornering the market are endless. This company could even be the next billion-dollar competitor in the space.

Right now, there’s a vacuum in the [smartphone] industry for the right tech company to address this problem. And whoever does will likely be crowned the new king in this space, even without manufacturing a single phone.’

Ben Benoy
BioTech Intel Trader

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